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The right person for
the right job

For a company, recruiting a new person to a demanding key position always means undertaking an intensive analysis of both the candidates and the job requirements. MW AG provides flexible support throughout this decision-making process in the form of full-day assessments tailored individually to the client’s needs, as well as development centres for senior management.

Discovering the candidates’ intrinsic motivators is a fundamental factor in the successful recruitment of managers and other key people. We are 100% convinced of this. Besides the role-specific aspects, in our assessments we also get to know the person behind the professional, and discover what truly motivates them and makes them tick. Our assessors have many years of well-founded experience in diagnostics, and their practice is based on tried and proven scientific methods.

Are you looking for a partner who can genuinely help you to recruit the right people to key positions?

Our offering

MW AG offers customised appraisals of the candidate’s suitability and potential in the form of high quality full-day individual assessments, as well as status quo analysis with focus on development. These are tailored to your wishes, your company and the position to be filled.

The benefits for you as
an employer
  • We validate the given job requirements profile by identifying the key criteria for successful collaboration
  • We provide you with an objective decision-making platform based on a risk/opportunities analysis with clear recommendations
  • We support you in onboarding new team members by conducting follow-up interviews with the participants and measuring the success
  • We provide specific proposals for possible development measures
  • We raise your awareness of future challenges and demands that may arise for the target position
  • We undertake cross-industry benchmarking of comparable profiles
  • You minimise the risk of hiring the wrong person
  • You gain long-term buy-in from high performers and people with potential
  • The selection process is transparent
The benefits for you as an participant
  • We conduct an independent, individual situation assessment
  • We give you specific feedback about your personal success factors, weaknesses and potential
  • We provide you with specific recommendations for your development, forming a basis for personal development opportunities
  • We support you during onboarding through coaching or follow-up interviews
  • We undertake cross-industry benchmarking with comparable profiles
  • As an expression of our esteem, we make a targeted investment in you as a participant
The MW Assessment

Our assessment process and results provide a sound, objective basis for the impending recruitment decision.

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"For me, every coaching session with Maya is a bittersweet pleasure. She takes me to the root of my beliefs and inner barriers, with a lot of warmth and patience, but also with tenacity and a systematic approach. Building on this, Maya supports me in my personal development, always with the central focus on human aspects – never pushy but always encouraging, she spurs me on to try out new methods and approaches."
Angelo Razzino
Chief Sales Officer
"As executive coach, Maya Weber, recognizes unerringly where a person's limitations are rooted in organisational aspects or in own beliefs. She detects areas with potential and provides you with effective tools to unlock it. She is an ace in supporting you help yourself! "
Ueli Studer
General Counsel P&C and WM CH, Switzerland
Globalance Bank
"Maya Weber has an extremely positive and motivating personality. As a coach, she has an extraordinary ability to tackle the important issues with empathy and sensitivity, but also with a consistent attitude. Her aim is always to work with the other person to achieve the outcome that is best for them. I am deeply grateful to Maya Weber, who has had a lasting influence on me."
Reto Ringger
Founder & CEO of Globalance Bank
Globalance Bank
"We have been working with Maya Weber for a number of years. When performing assessments, Maya creates an ambience in which we, as the client, feel that our needs are addressed, and the candidates feel challenged. Her observations are always well-founded and nuanced, and make a valuable addition to our decision-making process. We especially appreciate the closeness she fosters with her clients, her ability to engage with our individual issues and her focus on long-term collaboration. Our candidates also value the professional support, including follow-up support."
Dave Brupbacher
Head IT Infrastructure & Operations
“Maya Weber’s assessments and coaching are impressive due to their in-depth character, which drills right to the heart of the requirements placed on modern managers. By wholeheartedly embodying values such as entrepreneurship, empathy and enthusiasm, Maya creates a platform of trust, builds bridges and enables the candidates/coachees to open up. Her keen powers of observation, her disarming and sympathetic honesty and her direct feedback provide enormous added value to the recipients – not only for business, but also for their personal lives!”
Thomas Frick
Ex-Chief Operating Officer
“Starting from a well-founded analysis of my personality structure, the MW AG assessors got to the point quickly and clearly. Then they followed through, working consistently, with passion, energy and perseverance. You can clearly see that Maya Weber really cares about people, and that coaching is her passion, not just a job. Getting the right result is really important to her.”
Marc Werner
CEO, Galenica Group
“For a number of years now we have benefited from a professional, individualised collaboration with Maya Weber. Through her empathy and her clear, motivational way of interacting with people, she is able to hone in on the essential issues with great precision, both in assessments and coaching, and support and implement them with a practical focus. She facilitates personal development with charming professionalism, and arrives at her goal with sensitive tenacity.”
Christian Poerschke
Head Finance and HR (CFO)
“This was a substantial assessment, carefully calibrated to the particular challenges of the position in question. With cleverly designed tasks and precise, relevant feedback. It was a very enriching experience, including on a personal level.”
Dieter Schwank
CEO AlpTransit Gotthard AG
“Maya Weber supported me in my personal development for eight months. In a highly motivating manner with a good deal of empathy, she got me to reflect on myself and critically analyse my own beliefs and identity. With her keen perception, her big heart and her genuine interest in people, Ms Weber guided me through the coaching journey, always keeping our focus on the goal. Along the way I’ve picked up some concrete tips and tools which I’ll be able to use for the rest of my life.”
Cptn. Martin Brändli
Head of Pilot Training
Julius Baer
"Maya Weber helped me tremendously in my personal development with her effective and target-oriented coaching. Her input and feedback was to the point yet highly empathetic and always helpful - an inspiring experience."
Matthias Supper
Global Head Compliance
Julius Baer
Kiki Mäder
"Maya Weber has an impressive ability to get the measure of other people in the shortest time. She exposes obstructive patterns with refreshing honesty and a great deal of tact and sensitivity. With her empathy and skilful questioning, in no time at all she was able to put my concerns in order and show me a new approach to tackling them. Her manner of building trust and providing encouragement and inspiration has left a lasting impression on me. The collaboration with Maya has given great impetus to both my work and my mindset. Thank you!”
Kiki Mäder
Moderatorin & Unternehmerin
Kiki Mäder
"For well over a year it has been my privilege to receive intensive personal mentoring from Maya Weber. With her manner of combining empathy with toughness, she always asked the right questions – questions that spurred reflection, and could even be painful at times. Our discussions were very edifying, and have helped me make significant progress in my personal development. I would like to thank Maya for this."
Michel Siegenthaler
Head of Offers & Marketing
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Where to find us

MW AG | Executive Development
Goethestrasse 12  (4th floor)
CH-8001 Zürich

Our offices are located near the Stadelhofen station, right next to the “Opernhaus” tram stop. If you are coming from Zurich airport, a train takes you directly to Stadelhofen station within less than 30 minutes.

If you are coming by car, the Opéra carpark is about 150 metres away.


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